Ground & Theory Training

Instrument Rating Theory (IREX)

The IREX is the theory component of the Command Instrument Rating, a necessary exam for the grant of a SECIR or MECIR. You will learn the theoretical side of instrument flying and gain a sound knowledge of all the nitty gritty rules imposed on IFR pilots, understand how to read IAL charts, and the meteorological challenges for the various IFR stages of flight. For further information regarding couse contents and duration, click below.

Upcoming Course Commencement Dates
$880 | 5 day full-time course
24th August 2020 - 28th August 2020
23rd November 2020 - 27th November 2020
22nd February 2021 - 26th February 2021
24th May 2021 - 28th May 2021

Private Pilot Licence Theory

The CASA Private Pilot Licence Aeroplane (PPLA) Examination covers many aspects from all subjects; Aerodynamics, Systems, Powerplants, Meteorology, Human Factors and Navigation! Our theory class is delivered over 6 days, full time in our classrooms at Cowra, by an experienced instructor. We've sent hundreds of students to these exams and know all the best tips and tricks to get you through!

Upcoming Course Commencement Dates
$880 | 6 day full-time course
28th September 2020 - October 3rd 2020
18th January 2021 - 23rd January 2021

Commercial Licence Theory

By popular demand, Fly Oz is now delivering CPL theory courses. Subjects are delivered full time over 5-7 days in Cowra.

Course packages and availabilities are as below. If all 7 courses are combined then the total price is reduced to $4800.

Upcoming Courses
Subject Course Dates (inclusive) Price
CPL Performance (CFPA) 14th September 2020 - 18th September 2020 and 21st - 25th September (2 weeks) $ 1250
CPL Aircraft General Knowledge (CAGK) 5th October 2020 - 9th October 2020 $ 700
CPL Navigation (CNAV) 19th October 2020 - 23rd October 2020 $ 800
CPL Air Law (CALW) 9th November 2020 - 13th November 2020 $ 700
CPL Aerodymanics (CADY) 23rd November 2020 - 27th November 2020 $ 700
CPL Human Factors (CHUF) 7th December 2020 - 11th December 2020 $ 700
CPL Meteorology (CMET) 8th February 2021 - 12th February 2021 $ 700
CPL Performance (CFPA) 1st March 2021 - 5th March 2021 and 8th March - 12th March 2021 (2 weeks) $ 1250

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